Souss Soul
Oct 2021

BP266 N10, Ain sidi Belkacem, Temsia, Ait Melloul, Inezgane, Agadir

About Event

SOUSS SOUL EVENING  offers a unique evening in a magical place, inspired by Berber castles. Join us for a deep dive into Souss’s soul to explore the region’s richness with its local communities.

you will be greeted by the rhythms of Souss’s folklore crews, transported by the scents of its natural resources, and touched by the warmth of its people. Join us for an exceptional welcome! Set up in caidal traditional tents or in our Hall under the stars, you will be welcomed by live
music with a dedicated DJ for an exploration of berber arts and dances, with Gnawa and international rythms.

Your menu of the night would be a variety of exquisite folkloric dances performed by oriental dancers, rwayess of Berber music, Gnawa singers, acrobats, fire eaters and more!

This evening promises to be an authentic and accurate introduction to local culture, through
an outstanding performance.
Your real menu on the other hand, consists of a variety of Argan oil dishes made with passion, our region-famous briouattes, and finally the must try seven veggies couscous cooked on wood fire. 

The highlight of your « Souss Soul » evening may in fact be this culinary experience, rich in taste and emotion. Our dishes are always prepared with love, by chefs keen on sharing their full culinary heritage and know-how with you.
« Berber Spirit » is the MUST DO evening outing in Agadir, where you can enjoy music, dance,
folklore, shows and a culinary experience unique to this region.